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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

DZ Nuts - Product Review

Product Review: DZ Nuts Chamois

Dave Zabriskie’s (formerly of Team CSC) “DZnuts” chamois cream and apparel is a new product on the shelves at Austin Tri-Cyclist. As an athlete and an employee I thought I’d use the product so I could give an honest opinion when asked.
My initial feeling about the product was it was just another average chamois cream with a more outrageous label than the competitors. Inside the label the product is a plain, white, non-greasy cream without the overpowering, embarrassing odor that nobody wants seeping out of their cycling shorts.
The packaging provides application instructions to avoid any possible confusion regarding the product. Application is as simple as dropping your lycra to your ankles and lathering either perineal area or the chamois itself with “DZ Nuts”. Here’s the step where you can run into trouble… The product is thinner than most other brands. While just as, if not more affective than other brands, it’s more likely to be absorbed in the chamois. Getting into a rough situation is easily avoided by simply using more cream.
My overall thoughts of the product is it’s good, it works, and leaving it on your coffee table makes for great conversation. Besides the quality of its function, it’s not oily and washes out clean at the end of the day. The down-side of the product is due to having to use more, the price per serving is costlier. After usage on a road bike as well as a TT setup I’m confident in referring people to “protect their junk” the way the one and only Dave Zabriskie does with DZ Nuts.

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