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Monday, August 24, 2009

Road vs Tri Bike

Customers always ask the same popular Q is "How much faster will I go on a tri bike vs a road bike?" Well the answer can be complicated. Variables will include, How fast are you going? How good(aero) is your road fit or tri fit? or whats the course conditions? to name a few. Luckily some studies have been done to give you a rough idea on savings. The verdict is in and as one can guess the tri bike is faster.

How much faster you ask....try about 25 minutes over an ironman or over 5 minutes in an olympic distance race. Of course there are the variables....

In the case of triathlon there is the addition of the run afterwards. So if you save 5 minutes of not biking hard in a 40K I would specualate that your 10K run time will also improve. By how much....your guess is as good as mine.

Read the full study HERE and enjoy.

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