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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Seguin Blue Norther Race Report

This past Sunday was the infamous Seguin Blue Norther Duathlon. Its a fast 5k- 14mile -5k race.

The Austin Tri-Cyclist crew had a few bets going on how the race would turn out. Here is how it all went down:

The ATC Players:

Dancin Don Ruthven - Strong on the bike...his run was a wild card (luckily he is 46)
George The Boy Schmitz - Fast on the bike and a strong runner (age 21)
Adam Dude Stroobandt - Some may say the best looking of the group
Missy Dominator Ruthven - The nickname says it all.
Ryan Wrongway Tomeny - If he stays on course he is a force to be reckoned with
Tony from Brazil - Our Brazillian up and coming
Rita Dudett Stroobandt - Collegiate runner...doesnt know what a bike is though
Austin from Austin Howell - Whats a duathlon?

The Race:

The first 5K of the Blue Norther is always a fast one. The leaders (Michael Lovato and James Cotter) open it up wit a 5 min mile. Tony from Brazil trys to hang but concedes to let them go. George leads the rest with Wrongway Tomeny then the Dude followed closely by the Dominator and Dancin Don.

On the bike Tony and George are long gone. Wrongway, The Dominator, and myself start off together with Dancin Don close behind. Ryan immediately takes off and puts a 100 yards into me. I slowly start to pull him and manage to catch him and one of the Texas State Tri Team athletes around mile 6 of the bike. I pass with authority, but Ryan keeps me close and after a minute goes for a re-pass. He naturally gives it his all to pass me and makes a fatal flaw....he passes the right turn and goes the WRONGWAY. I give a yell, but he keeps his head down and rides off into the distance. Wrongway Tomeny strikes again.

Looking back I see Dancin Don about a 100 meters back and try to keep him at bay.

The second 5k is rough. Don is close behind but I manage to hold him off and the Dominator who was making up ground quick.


Missy - Overall Woman

Adam - 1st 25-29 AG

Rita - 1st 25-29 AG

George - 1st 20-24 AG

Tony 1st 30-34 AG

Don - 1st 40-44 AG

Ryan - 3rd 25-29 (somehow managed to get back on course)



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