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Sunday, December 12, 2010

The 12 Things Your Triathlete Wants for Christmas

Since training is just about all your IRON-MAHN (or WOMAHN*, as the case may be) thinks about, it’s hard to give him anything but triathlon gear for Christmas. But what to get? The rosy-cheeked, cheerful fellows at Austin Tri-Cyclist are here to help.

Warm Cycling Wardrobe - because Austin winters are brutal

Avalanches, snow drifts, abominable snowhippies…it’s a dangerous season. But we’ve got all the essentials for cold-weather cycling, including gloves, balaclavas, arm warmers, windbreakers, tights, and shoe covers. Get the right gear and end the kvetching. (Wool socks make good stocking stuffers.)

Tune-up – one less road pizza

Ah, the deathtrap. Your triathlete doesn’t need an MP3 player when his bike already makes as much noise as Waylon Jennings. Get him a tune-up to stop the wailing and to ensure that gears are shifting properly, cables are in good shape, and the frame and components are free of grime. Salt (aka, hard-earned sweat) and road grime on his drivetrain will make his bike wear out faster, and mechanical problems can send him flying down Jester or Big View with nothing to slow him down save the asphalt. A thorough tune-up from ATC is only $40 (winter special price, good until Jan. 15).

Indoor Trainer - because he’s afraid of the dark

In the winter it can be hard to fit in a ride outside. We’ve got Kurt Kinetic, CycleOps, and Blackburn brand trainers in stock. Now he has no excuse. Rainy? Dark? No problem. Using an indoor trainer is also a good way to do structured intervals without having to worry about traffic, hills, or getting chicked.

Gels, Gu, Powerbars – great for stockings

More exciting than candy canes. ‘Nuff said.

Tires – because you’re sick of rescuing his stranded derrière

You don’t want to leave him out there, helpless in his spandex-and-helmet ensemble, but one day you’re going to do it. Before that day comes, consider getting him new tires. We carry puncture-resistant Gatorskins, great for training and commuting, and the GP4000s, good all-around racing and training tires. We also have plenty of pure racing tires in stock like the Vittoria Open Corsa Evo CX (320tpi version), one of the fastest tires on the market. Choose what suits him best, but whatever you pick, make sure for your own sake that you get him a flat kit, too.

Total Triathlon Almanac 5
because Paula Newby-Fraser says so

Here’s a year-long training companion who’ll never complain about early mornings or stinky running shoes. It’s a logbook and training guide all rolled (compactly) into one, with contributors that include Mark Allen, Thomas Hellriegel, Joy Leutner, Paula Newby-Fraser, and Dave Scott, just to name a few. If your triathlete doesn’t know who these personalities are, we suggest a different resource for him—perhaps a set of encyclopedias.

Timex GPS Watch – a subtle way to tell your loved one to pick up the pace

If he’s slacking, he’ll know. This watch measures pace, speed, and distance, and has a number of other magical data-collecting powers, including a heart rate monitor and software that can be used to download times and routes for training review.

Wetsuits – it’s sink or swim faster

We carry Nineteen, De Soto, Zoot, Rocket Science, and 2XU wetsuits, all 20 percent off in the winter. A wetsuit can make a big difference in swim times, as much as 10 seconds per 100 meters. And though a wetsuit may look funny hanging in his closet next to his suit and khakis, think of all the superheroes who’ve had the same multiple-identity problem. You’ll have to come up with a pseudonym: Seal-Boy? Robo-fish?

ATC Jersey/ Shirt do it for the dillo

You’re supporting your local tri shop, and really, does it get any more fashionable than this? Just look at those sporty, sunburst colors—the vibrant yellow, the delicate orange. And best of all, the Dillo will strike fear in the hearts of all competitors. They may never be the same. In fact, they might not even make it through bodymarking.

Cycling Shorts - because you’ve seen enough

You know someone who needs these. You’re all too familiar with the contours of his backside through his transparent outerwear. This is more a Christmas present for yourself than for the receiver. (You’ll be able to draft again!) In fact, you don’t even have to give this as a present. Just throw away the old shorts and replace them with the new ones. Sorry man, it was…Santa Claus?

Compression gear – a new kind of fashion

If there’s an event in town, you’ll see the pros out in their full compression duds, said to aid in recovery, improve blood circulation, and reduce muscle vibration. We’ve got all the gear, including compression shirts, pants, and socks.

DZ Nuts Chamois Cream – because you care about the important things

Today’s athletes face many threats, from the rigors of cycling to the hazards of the airport. (See Universal Sports’ tweet of the week, from Dave Zabriskie himself: "Checked in at LAX...tsa really does touch the junk...lucky for me I'm in the junk protection business.") Get your triathlete a little chamois protection. (The packaging won’t let you down. This is a great gift for a triathlete with a sense of humor.)

A gift certificate to Austin Tri Cyclist because this is way too much decision making

Check out our online store, and click “gift certificate.”

Happy holidays from your local tri shop!

* We only say “he” because that’s easier, and also, more grammatically correct than “their.” Our apologies!

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