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Friday, November 22, 2013

The Well-Heeled Dillo:
ATC's Run Shoes

The winds of change have blown through Austin Tri-Cyclist this year, carrying with them many good things. Along with the ATC 360 location and the renovations to the downtown store, you’ll find an important new addition to the dillo’s workout ensemble—a primo selection of road and trail running shoes!

ATC carries Zoot, Asics, Newton, Altra Running, Pearl Izumi, and Hoka shoes. Currently available at the ATC 360 store, they’ll also be in stock upstairs at the downtown location when the remodel is complete.

Zoot – Tri-specific, this brand was born in Kona in 1983. “Swim, bike, then say goodbye to the competition”...
Asics – A classic, Asics have been a staple of runners since 1977. ATC has 8 models in stock, including the Gel-Nimbus 15 and Gel-Kayano 20.  
Hoka – The new rage, Hoka shoes make an unmistakeable fashion statement. Despite the platform look, however, fans say they’re unbelievably comfortable and lightweight. Their unique midsole, with its rolling rocker design and “oversized, increased forgiveness,” is great for recovery runs.
Newton – Newton shoes are designed to encourage a natural running motion. A more level-to-the-ground platform with minimal drop helps you find the right position as you run. Many runners swear by them.

Altra Running – Like Newton, this company is based in Boulder. Altra Running shoes are known for their cushioned “zero drop,” which places the heel and forefoot the same distance from the ground. The design is said to reduce aches and pains like shin splints, runner’s knee, and IT band pain.
Pearl Izumi – ATC stocks two of Pear Izumi’s tri-specific shoes, the women’s EM Tri N1 and the men’s EM Tri N2. These lightweight tri flats provide a supportive, sock-like fit with built-in quick laces. Pearl Izumi's trail-running shoes will also be arriving soon.

ATC also carries run accessories like long-sleeved run tops, visors, and running gloves.

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