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Thursday, January 15, 2015

#RAA2015: Allison Atkinson Interviews Allison Atkinson

by Allison Atkinson

Numerous questions surrounding #RAA2015 have surfaced lately. So just chill.  All your FAQ's are about to be addressed because I went through the awkward but amazing task of interviewing myself. Hope you find this helpful...

AA: I'm fairly new to social media. What does #RAA2015 stand for?

AA: ummm what?...Race Around Austin in the year 2015???

AA: Is this a team-only event or can I race as an individual?

AA: It is TEAM ONLY. Who wants to ride 100 miles solo anyways? If you don't have a team, post a comment on the FB event page like this: "Single and ready to mingle." Offers will be rolling in. I'm sure a team will totally add you out of pity.

AA: Ok thx for the dating advice I might try that. Is it $80 per team?

AA: $80 per TEAM ($16 per person)

AA: Do I need a USA Cycling License to participate?

AA: No. Licenses are not required for Grand Fondos. Individuals will need to sign a waiver at packet pickup, which is Jan. 23, 3-7 p.m. at Austin Tri-Cyclist Barton Springs. Riders may also sign their waivers before the 9 a.m. Saturday start, which is also at ATC.

AA: Is this a mass start event?

AA: No. Teams starts are staggered by two minutes, like a time trial. Start order is determined by registration order.

AA: What is your favorite animal?
Allison finally meets her spirit animal

AA: Favorite animal or spirit animal? Whatever that Grumpy Cat is...

AA: So...a cat?

AA: No I'm not really like a cat at all. This is making me think too much about my life. Next question plz...

AA: So I'm a bit of a planner. Can you tell me the general route? I'd sleep a lot better if I knew what to expect.

AA: Lame! Plan on lathering your chamois with a good schmear of euro-style butter. Expect to ride your bike a lot. Three checkpoints will be disclosed at packet pickup, but it'll be around 100 miles. ONE HUNNID!!!

AA: Wow. Okay... So will there be support?

AA: Sort of. Each checkpoint will have bathrooms, food, and water, but the rest is up to you.

AA: I only have a TT bike and aero helmet. Can I still participate?

AA: You totally have other bikes but whatever. TT bikes are fine. As far as the helmet, wear one. Oh and obey all traffic laws. Basically don't ride like a jerk.

AA: Can I draft off other teams? 

AA: No. Just like any other TTT, if you ride up to another team pass them quickly or keep a good distance if you are riding about the same pace. If you do pass, please do so on the left and watch for traffic. You also MUST heckle the opposing team.

AA: Why do you need to heckle them? 

AA: To crush their spirits.

AA: Whoa. Sounds fun. Where do I register? What's the link?

AA: The first 12 teams to sign up will get #RAA2015 commemorative pint glasses!

AA: What if we lose/drop a rider? Do we need to finish with all 5 teammates? 

AA: YES you need to finish with your entire team. Why would you drop your teammate? Don't include weak riders on your crew and you won't have those doubts in your mind... Of course, mechanicals and such happen, so if you come in without your full crew we'll still give you a pat on the back at the end of the ride. (I guess.)

AA: Dang girl...that's cold, but at least you are keeping it real. Anyways, WILL THERE BE BEER?

AA: Yes there will be beer from Independence Brewery AND cider from Austin Eastciders for the gluten-free people! We will also have food (meat, vegetarian, and gluten-free options) at the finish. You will finish at ATC.

AA: Independence Brewery? I'm in! Let's do this!

AA: Hold up, slow yo roll...look, you can't race because you need to work one of the checkpoints and help out at the finish and stuff. Don't you want to be there to congratulate people???

AA: Who's asking the questions here?

AA: ....

AA: Well this has been weird but informative. I'm totally looking forward to this event, Allison. Girl, you are the BEST!

AA: I see what you did there and I liked it ;)

AA: Word.

See YOU Jan. 24th at #RAA2015!!!!

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