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Monday, April 6, 2009

Galveston Race Report - Sprint

This was a busy weekend. The Galveston Ironstar was happening, New Orleans 70.3, and California Half was going on. Here is the news from Galveston.

In the sprint:

I was the only ATC guy racing the sprint.

Swim: Imagine everyone standing in their black wetsuits waiting for the race except for one person out of the 900+ athletes who was wearing a bright silver suit...with a baby blue swim cap. That guy was me. The silver surfer...who apparently sucks at swimming. 500m - 12 minutes and 19 seconds. I had the 367th FASTEST swim time! Hurray!

Bike: The bike was crowded and I even had to come around a car at one point. Most of the course was along the seawall so there was a nice crosswind the whole way. This wouldnt have been a problem, but my 1080 front was not happy. I had a hard time controlling the bike. 12.5 miles - 32:05 - 23.4MPH - 8th fastest bike split.

Run: I felt good on the run. I hadnt run in 3 weeks prior to race day so I was a little worried. I think it may be time to retire my Fila racing flats though. My back was killing me afterwards. It felt like I ran a 5k barefoot. 5k - 19:56 - 6:26 pace - 12 fastest run time.

Total comes to: 1:07:31 which was good for 22nd place and 5th in the Age Group.

Special Congrats to Mike Minardi who held me off the entire race. Next time buddy.


  1. even as a bigger dude I'll NEVER ride a 1080.

    too sketch.

  2. Good race Adam. Great bike split! I was a spaz on the swim - went way off course. There was only one person in the top 25 slower than me in the water, same person who was one place faster than me on the bike ;^) I didn't sign up for Rookie in time, so unless we meet a sprint before, your next shot is Captex.