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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Atc 360 Spin Class

The winter doldrums—it’s cold and dark outside, maybe even raining. There’s no race on the near horizon to get you motivated. Your once-impressive leg muscles are wasting away. Your suitcase of courage has been replaced by a suitcase of guilt. You can curl up on the couch like a very large, very grumpy cat to hibernate for the next two months...or you can put your bike and trainer in the car and make your way to ATC 360 in Davenport Village for the Winter Chill Spin Class. It’s free!

Every Thursday at 6 p.m., join fellow fitness-seekers in ATC 360’s fit studio for a one-hour spin class led by ATC Racing’s Allison Atkinson. The atmosphere is fun and social, but also focused—you’re guaranteed to get in a good workout. Simple, classic intervals will keep your heart rate up, and the upbeat playlist will keep your legs moving. All fitness and experience levels are welcome, from recreational cyclists to veteran racers. It’s recommended to arrive 30 minutes early, especially if you might need some help getting set up.

What you need: Bring your own bike, and your own trainer if you have one.  ATC does have a number of trainers available, but these are first come, first served. You’ll also want to bring a towel, water bottles, and possibly a change of clothes. Sometimes the group goes to a restaurant together post-workout.

Fun extras: Participants in the class get 20% off any trainer in stock—current models include the Blackburn Tech Mag 6 and Kinetic Cyclone. You can also request a free fit assessment and safety check. ATC staff will help out with minor mechanical issues like shifting, etc, at no charge. Again, arrive early!

Workout for 12/4:

  • 5 minute warmup 
  • 5 minute single-leg drills
  • 3 x 10 minute intervals alternating between low and high cadence (45 seconds low, 15 seconds high), with 5 minutes rest between each set

 About Alllison Atkinson:

Allison has over 10 years experience as a group fitness instructor. Her rise in the ranks of Texas racing stemmed from years of teaching spin and strength classes. Now, with experience racing among the best women in the country, she brings power to the Texas peloton riding for Austin-based women's team ATC Racing. Allison works at Austin Tri-Cyclist and teaches at PureAustin Fitness, where her unorthadox teaching style has gained popularity among casual cyclists, triathletes, and bike racers alike.
Instagram @wattage_cottage

Check for spin class updates on ATC 360's Facebook page.

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