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Monday, September 15, 2008

Reynolds Clincher Wheels

Carbon Clincher Wheels!

Clinchers seem to be becoming all the rave instead of tubulars. A clincher with latex tubes and a nice tire has equal to lower rolling resistance than that of a tubular. Not to mention you can change them quicker (for most) and cheaper (for all). Check out rolling resistances here.

So I got out my Cervelo R3-SL and put on a set of Reynolds Attacks with latex tubes as my new set of training wheels. Before this I had a set of American Classic 420s. So far I have put about 500 miles on the wheels and they ROCK! They are lighter, stiffer, and look awesome on the bike. I had to true the wheels once at about 100 miles. The spokes they use are very thin and "stretch" out. Since that initial true the wheels have kept up. Granted I weigh in at 140lbs (Reynolds claims they do not have a weight limit...which I kinda doubt). The wheels are full carbon so that means the braking surface is carbon (they come with carbon brake pads). The brakes work well, but emergency braking is not as good as aluminum braking surfaces. Nothing like the insecure feeling of smelling burning brake pads on a descent.

FYI - Another guy at the shop got the Reynolds Assaults, he weighs in at 175 lbs and hasn't had any issues. I know my 140 lbs doesnt stress wheels too much.

Light as hell (1400 grams)
Acceleration is amazing

Carbon rim requires special carbon brake pads
Thin spokes

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