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Friday, September 12, 2008

Zoot Shoes

Zoot Shoes.
Here is what we thought. Overall the shoes seem to be really comfy. The neutral shoe they make is a bit more like a light weight trainer with its low profile (reminds me of a Asics DS trainer). This shoe would be the better long distance race shoe. The light weight of the shoe is noticeable in quick turnover. The stability shoe offers more comfort and is great for the moderate pronator. I wouldn’t say it’s the best for the flat footed folk out there, hopefully next season they can create a shoe with a straighter last. The racer is a perfect 10k-half marathon shoe. It has enough cushioning for longer races, but its not the lightest and most flexible if you are looking for a fast 5k shoe. The built in elastic laces work great in keeping your foot in place and we didn’t notice in heel slippage. In short if you like a running shoe with a less is more feeling, low profile, and quick turnover feel then I would try these out. If you like the cushy (asics nimbus, adidas supernova cushion) then these would be a noticeable change. Due to the low profile feel, these are not a high milage kinda shoe.


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