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Monday, January 26, 2009

Frost Yer Fanny Race Report


The race morning started like the name indicates...cold.

Preparing for the race, I get on site and start pumping up my front wheel (zipp 808 tubular). Then came one of the worst sounds - PSSSSHHHHH. Front goes flat. F@#K. So there I am without a front wheel. I quickly go around asking people if they have an extra front wheel I can use. My buddy Chris happens to have a Hed Jet 60...its no 808 but it will do. The hed will not pump up and the valve is closed inside the rim, looks like I am racing on about 70 PSI on the front and 130 PSI on the rear, it evens out, right?

We line up for the race at 9:10am. George, Ryan, Don, Shawn, Jeff, and I are looking to make things happen. The gun goes off and its a mad dash to the first turn about 100m up the road. George gets to the front and ryan soon pulls up next to him. I stay about 10m back. Don is...well i am not sure what Don is doing at this point. Ryan drops off of george and comes back to run off my shoulder atoundthe 1/2 mile marker. We keep george close, but he has gotten a small lead. Coming into T1 I egde out Ryan and get out quick on the bike. Shawn pulls away from Don on the first run, looking to gain a lead for the bike.

1st Run stats
George - 11:27
Adam - 11:41
Ryan - 11:41.1
Shawn - 13:02
Jeff - 13:12
Don - 14:02

Bike: George at thsi point has taken off, so Ryan and I settle for seeing who is going to take the silver. Ryan passes me like I had my brakes on around mile 4, but I dig deep and keep him close. Don catches Shawn only to be repassed by shawn. Don takes none of this and passes shawn again and begins to build a lead on him.

Bike Stats:

George: 27:05
Ryan: 28:25
Adam: 28:54
Don: 29:24
Shawn: 30:23
Jeff: 29:38

2nd Run

George at this point has 2 minutes on ryan and I. So I play it cool and let him go. Ryan gets out of T2 ahead of me and gets 25 meters ahead. I quickly pull on the oldest tricks in my play book...I yell "WAIT!" Ryan of course is slightly confused and slows slightly and looks back. BOOM the gap closes and I charge past him. Hehe. Shawn and Don are also duking it out, but the big guy has the stride of a gazelle and quickly leaves Don at the mile marker.

2nd Run Stats
George: 11:55
Adam: 12:07
Ryan: 12:41
Shawn: 13:15
Jeff: 13:36
Don: 15:10


Jeff 57:54
Shawn 58:29
Don 1:01:44

In the "other" race Grant of course won the overall and Missy was 2nd female


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