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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The valdora aerobar is the cadillac of aerobars. The pads are probably the most comfy I have ever rested my forearms on. To the point you might fall asleep while riding. If you are a long distance triathlete this would definately be a higher end bar worth checking out. The pads also have some give which acts almost like suspension on bumpy terrain. The clamp allows for oversized stems which will make the bar rigid for climbing. We have a set currently on a Cervelo P4 and a Look 596 so come by and check it out.
Weight - 740g

- The extension clamp also fits Zipp, Profile Design , and Blackwell extensions.
- Light weight
- SUPER comfortable
- Low profile (if you are a low and go person)

-only comes in a 42cm width
-they are difficut to fit if you ride less than 250mm extensions
- Low profile (if you don't want to be low)


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