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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Great Tri Bikes - under 2K

The triathlon season is fast approaching, and the 2009 duathlon season is being kicked off this weekend so that means people are looking a fast bike at a low price. I comprised a list of bikes that are aero with great geometry all under $2,000.

Number 1.

FUJI ALOHA 2.0 - $1250

The Fuji Aloha is one of the most popular starter bikes in triathlon. Say "Aloha" to triathlon. This bike gives you the 78 degree seat tube angle found on uber-high end carbon bikes. Along with the short head tube this is the perfect bike for the triathlete that wants to get a fast position. Also if you are a short leg/long torso person this would be perfect for you. Long legs means you will end up with an aggressive and steep fit. I will let you decide if thats good or not.


Fuji alloy frame with carbon aero seatpost
aero carbon fork
aero tubing on solid geometry
Shimano Tiagra/105 components

Number 2.

Cervelo P1 - $1650

Always thought that Cervelo was only for the rich and fast..well not anymore. Cervelo really stepped it up with its 2009 build. A full vision tech front end, vision aero brakes, and Shimano ultegra SL gives you high end components on the leader in bike aerodynamics. Another plus is the dual seatpost that allows for a steep aggressive rider or a much more slack position. The P1 is also a great low and go fit that mimics it big brother, the P2.

Cervelo Engineering - the standard in tri bikes
Adjustable seatpost - 74 through 79 degrees
Horizontal Dropouts
Won the 2001 world time trial championships - NOW THATS AMAZING

Number 3.
Argon 18 E-80 - $1995

Looking for something slighty more exotic...then here you are. This bike looks fast and is fast. Argon 18 offers a less aggressive geometry (76 degrees). Argon 18 has put extra care in making the rear triangle of this bike extra stiff which may add some weight, but if you are someone that smashes the gears then that translates to faster splits.

More relaxed geometry
Carbon fork and rear triangle
Extra rigid rear triangle
Horizontal Dropouts

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