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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Blue Norther Duathlon - Race Report

Blue Norther. 3.1 mile run - 14.4 mile bike - 3.1 mile run

Complete results are here

The Blue Norther is one of the best if not the best duathlon in south Texas. The competition is fierce, the course is great, and there is food and music afterwards. The home cooked brownies, cookies, and baked potatoes are AWESOME. So sign up next year.

Now for the play by play. Chris Edgerton from Tri Soler Racing told me before the race that he was going out strong on the first run and he did not lie. Chris took off and opened a nice gap on local tri pro Brandon Marsh. Brandon was able to reel him in towards the end, but I think Brandon ended up running harder the first run than he would have prefered. Amy Marsh (Brandon's better half) was also the first female in followed by Missy Ruthven. Patrick Darragh has the best hair in the field but was unable to keep with the lead pack. Stephen Schwartz ran his patented solid first run and prepared to play catch up on the bike. I just held it together...

First run stats:
Brandon: 17:11
Chris E: 17:39
Patrick: 18:15
Stephen: 18:30
Amy: 19:07
Adam: 18:40
Chris A.: 19:04
Missy: 20:12

T1: Luckily Patrick D. cant transition at all so I made up some time.


The course had some wind, but overall conditions where good. Brandon continued to open up his lead on the rest of field. Stephen began picking off people one by one. Chris Edgerton hammered it down to come off the bike with the chase group. Patrick Darragh got schooled when I came around him towards the end. Chris Aarhus put his pro cycling legs together and smiled as he blew by me. Amy tried hard, but was no match for my cycling prowness.

bike stats:
Brandon: 35:23
Stephen: 35:58
Chris E: 36:18
Chris A: 36:22
Patrick: 37:20
Adam: 37:02
Amy: 37:13

2nd run

I hate that second run, especially when Amy goes scooting past me. (yelled in a loud angry voice, fist clinched towards the sky) Next time, Amy! Stephen had to out sprint Vince and Chris for the second overall...I didnt even know he could sprint. Patrick D. ran strong and pulled in Chris A. Amy also pulled in Chris A. (sorry Chris). I also finished well.

Leaders Female

Amy Marsh 01:18:07 (Ausitn TX Open F 30-34)
Melissa Ruthven 01:23:45 (Austin TX Open F 40-44)
Kara Bunce 01:29:51 (San Antonio TX Open F 25-29)
Krista Betzing 01:34:04 (San Marcos TX Open F 25-29)

Leaders Male

Brandon Marsh 01:12:40 (Ausitn TX Open M 35-39)
Stephan Schwarze 01:14:14 (Austin TX Open M 40-44)
Vince Dietsch 01:14:17 (Austin TX Open M 35-39)
Chris Edgerton 01:14:36 (San Antonio TX Open M 35-39)
Dan Scott 01:16:35 (San Antonio TX Open M 30-34)
Patrick Darragh 01:17:05 (Austin TX Open M 35-39)
Chris Aarhus 01:18:10 (San Antonio TX Open M 40-44)
Adam Stroobandt 01:18:55 (San Antonio TX Open M 25-29)
Emmanuel Lopez 01:19:30 (Sullivan City TX Open M 20-24)
Chris Rulon 01:19:38 (San Antonio TX Open M 40-44)

It was a great race and hopefully next year I will race it again. Trust me, put this one on your race calender for 2010. Also a shout out to Chris Garlington who took home the Clydesdale win. Great job Chris.



  1. Hell yeah, go Krista! Good job to you too, Adam.

  2. "The home cooked brownies, cookies, and baked potatoes are AWESOME. So sign up next year."

    These alone have convinced me enough. Will surely take part next year.