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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Free Training / Research

Free Triathlon Training Seminar / Ride for Research
By Dr. James Bales, Pro Triathlete

Saturday, April 11th

-Come to the Ride for Research/Training Seminar hosted by Soler’s Tri Sports in Helotes, Texas.
-As an orthopaedic physician Dr. Bales has teamed up with his wife Dr. Karrn Bales (a sports medicine specialist – and multiple-time Ironman finisher) and Dr. Laura Baugh (a neurologist – and Ironman finisher) to evaluate and develop a new set of aerobars for triathletes.
-Volunteers are needed for a study involving the nerves about the elbow. Participation consists of a brief survey, physical exam of both elbows, and a nerve conduction test at the elbow which consists of attaching pads to the arm and forearm and a sending a small electrical current between the pads to measure the conduction velocity of the nerve at the elbow.
-These tests will be performed before and after a 3 hour ride in the aerobars. As well as followup testing in late September 2009.
-You qualify if you: are a triathlete over the age of 17; will be racing at least 3 triathlons during the 2009 season; can do a 3 hour ride; bring your tri bike with aerobars

The Benefits to you: Breakfast, lunch, a terrific ride with other athletes, a training seminar on many of the medical aspects of nutrition and racing, and free PowerBar Products to all participants.

Time: The day will start at 7:30 a.m. and should be done by 1 pm
Agenda: 7:30 - Triathletes arrive and initial testing performed (~10 minutes per person)
8:00-11:00 – Athletes on the bike for an out-n-back 3+ hour ride in aerobars
11:00-11:30 – Lunch and second exam/testing immediately after ride.
11:30-12:30 – Dr. James Bales shares his medical and triathlon knowledge to give you tips for becoming a better triathlete

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