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Friday, July 31, 2009

Going to the chapel...

Well Folks tommorrow is the big day. I will be getting married to little miss wonderful, Rita(awwwww). For the past couple of days I have been hanging out with lots of friends and family and they all have asked me the same question. I guess its the normal question to ask. "are you nervous?" The answer is honestly NO. With so many people asking me the question though I am missing something? Am i supposed to feel nervous? I am not one to get worked up over anything so perhaps its just my personality.

Now that I think about it, its the guys that mostly give me a look and ask if I am nervous. Once I get married do I join a secret society that married men belong to? Its seems they know something and arent telling me when they ask if I am nervous......

Well I cant wait for Saturday and then its off to Napa Valley for the honeymoon. I will be sure to post some pics....from the wedding, not the honeymoon....this site is rated G. :)


Friday, July 24, 2009

Argon 18 E-114

Want to be like your hero (me) and ride a fast bike. Check this out. The Argon 18 E-114 is going on sale for a limited time. This frameset was originally at $4000, but now can be had for $2500. Details of the bike can be found here.

Awesome bike.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Podium Time

Congrats to C-May for placing on the podium and taking home a fistful of dollars at the La Vuelta de Acadiana Stage Race in Louisiana. Corey had a solid time trial that put him high in the standings, not satisfied with only a little cash he attacked during the crit to sweep up the time bonus and pushing him up in the GC standings. The race was close with only one second seperating first and second. Congrats Corey for making ATC Racing proud.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Tour De France

Tour De France

All I can say is its looking to be exciting this year. If anyone had doubts about that Lance guy then those doubts were put to rest. Lance is sitting pretty in 3rd overall and has the Team Time Trial on Tuesday. Astana is the favorite so Ol' Lance could be wearing yellow by the end of tuesday! How crazy is that! Another impressive performance by Mark Cavendish today. I think its safe to say that he is the No. 1 sprinter. Thor Hushovd with Cervelo gave him a run for the money today, but couldnt get him at the line.

If you dont have Versus to watch the Tour, Austin Tri-Cyclist has it playing at the shop pretty much all day. Just stop by, grab a chair and a drink and enjoy! Its going to be a great tour this year.

Also Cervelo made some cool limited edition frames in honor of the Tour. Check them out at