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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Joe Biden Visits ATC

Well I wouldnt say he visited per se but he did drive by and I THINK he may have nodded in our general direction. The VP motorcade is a cool thing to see.

In more important news George turned 21 this past week. He learned about being careful where he left his hat, how to count tequila shots, and the importance of taking a day off from work after you turn 21. Happy Birthday George!

In less important news than Georges birthday, but more important than the VP motorcade we had another Run-Far time trial this tuesday. Another solid field showed up and everyone had a great time.

Patrick Darragh led the ATC squad with a blistering time of 16:50. ouch. thats a 28.5 MPH average. Nice job patrick on your first time out to the TT.

Others wearing the colors:

Grant Glauser - 17:13

Adam Stroobandt - 17:33

Mike Minardi - 18:08 (got you this time minardi, take out the swim and I got a chance)

Ryan Tomeny - 18:12

Corey May - 18:28
Trisha Murphy - 21:06

Preston Hampton - 22:41

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Run-Far Time Trials

The Run-Far TTs have started and it was a great first one. Winds were calm and the temp was moderate. If you dont know about the time trials its a chip timed individual time trial that is every 2nd and 4th tuesday of the month. The course is 8 miles long and follows the south mopac loop. If you dont own a chip its only $5, and free if you are a chip owner. Its a fun event that gives you at least 2 weeks of bragging rights.

Anyways we had some of ATC folks go out and test the waters. I did well for the first one and of course hope to improve. Robert Biard was kind enough to coach me the last 1/2 mile so I say thanks. When I say coach he just yelled at me to go faster and push harder.

Corey May and Shawn Ullman continued their friendly rivalry, but Corey got the best of Shawn but only by 20 seconds. If Corey slacks off too much it could be the end for him.

Anne Stevenson and Tslab Terway fought it out for fastest couple. Anne also got the fastest masters title of the day while Tslab went sub 20 min.

In the Grand Grand Masters division Preston Hampton took top honors.


Adam Stroobandt - 17:56 - 26.8 MPH

Corey May - 18:45 - 25.6 MPH

Shawn Ullman - 19:06 - 25.1 MPH

Tslab Terway - 19:56 - 24.1 MPH

Anne Stevenson - 20:17 - 23.7 MPH

Preston Hampton - 22:35 - 21.3 MPH

See you all in 2 weeks


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Orleans 70.3 Race Report

New Orleans 70.3 Race Results

Being the first race of the 2009 race season, I was ready to test myself and see how my training has been coming along. I awoke to a warm and muggy day, common in New Orleans. Race morning went smoothly and before I knew it I was in the water and ready to go.
The swim group quickly split into two groups, one near the bouys and one near the shore, and I found myself in the middle. Towards the end, there was a small pack that I was in and we all finished at aprox. the same time. A quick transition and it was out on the bike.
I was riding a Zipp disc with a 404 front thanks to the guys at ATC. The bike course was flat and fast with a strong head wind on the way back. Since my wave was the 6th or seventh wave I was constantly passing people, which was some good motivation. I made good time and came into T2 ahead of my expected time.
The run started well, but with a headwind the last 6 miles and aid stations few a far between, I ran out of steam and was unable to pick it up the last few miles of the run. I ended up having to walk through the last 3 aid stations. I came in at 4 hrs and 26 min. I was hoping for a sub 4:20, but with the high humidty and heat, I am happy with the results. I just want to say thanks again to ATC for all the support that gave me in preparation for the event.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Galveston Race Report - Sprint

This was a busy weekend. The Galveston Ironstar was happening, New Orleans 70.3, and California Half was going on. Here is the news from Galveston.

In the sprint:

I was the only ATC guy racing the sprint.

Swim: Imagine everyone standing in their black wetsuits waiting for the race except for one person out of the 900+ athletes who was wearing a bright silver suit...with a baby blue swim cap. That guy was me. The silver surfer...who apparently sucks at swimming. 500m - 12 minutes and 19 seconds. I had the 367th FASTEST swim time! Hurray!

Bike: The bike was crowded and I even had to come around a car at one point. Most of the course was along the seawall so there was a nice crosswind the whole way. This wouldnt have been a problem, but my 1080 front was not happy. I had a hard time controlling the bike. 12.5 miles - 32:05 - 23.4MPH - 8th fastest bike split.

Run: I felt good on the run. I hadnt run in 3 weeks prior to race day so I was a little worried. I think it may be time to retire my Fila racing flats though. My back was killing me afterwards. It felt like I ran a 5k barefoot. 5k - 19:56 - 6:26 pace - 12 fastest run time.

Total comes to: 1:07:31 which was good for 22nd place and 5th in the Age Group.

Special Congrats to Mike Minardi who held me off the entire race. Next time buddy.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Women just wanna GO FAST package deal

Here is a package deal with a fast bike for girls that like to GO FAST!

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