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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Joe Biden Visits ATC

Well I wouldnt say he visited per se but he did drive by and I THINK he may have nodded in our general direction. The VP motorcade is a cool thing to see.

In more important news George turned 21 this past week. He learned about being careful where he left his hat, how to count tequila shots, and the importance of taking a day off from work after you turn 21. Happy Birthday George!

In less important news than Georges birthday, but more important than the VP motorcade we had another Run-Far time trial this tuesday. Another solid field showed up and everyone had a great time.

Patrick Darragh led the ATC squad with a blistering time of 16:50. ouch. thats a 28.5 MPH average. Nice job patrick on your first time out to the TT.

Others wearing the colors:

Grant Glauser - 17:13

Adam Stroobandt - 17:33

Mike Minardi - 18:08 (got you this time minardi, take out the swim and I got a chance)

Ryan Tomeny - 18:12

Corey May - 18:28
Trisha Murphy - 21:06

Preston Hampton - 22:41

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  1. wow nice times posted by all at this week's TT! hope to join you guys next week.