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Monday, November 30, 2009

TOP 10 Athletic Movies

Winter is here and you may need a good movie to keep you occupied while on the trainer. So here is a list of my TOP 10.

10. RAD - a sweet 80's BMX flick...something different but good.9. The Flying Scotsman - A true story of a guy that built his own bike to break the 1 hour world record

8. Zombieland - not really an athletic movie, but it does stress good cardio.

7. Rocky IV - Rocky defeats the communist and ends the cold war...AWESOME

6. Hell of the North - Paris Roubaix...this movie makes you want to ride outside no matter the conditions

5. Fire on the Track - Great running movie with actual footage of Pre

4. Without Limits - Another great Pre movie

3. Breaking Away - The cycling classic movie

2. American Flyers - Its has Kevin Costner as a pro cyclist....

1. Chariots of Fire - you know the song

All suggestions are welcome!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lactate Testing

So the season is over and of course you are looking to improve for next year. Even though I advocate taking a break, may races are won by what you do in the off season.
Rothe Training is offering a great 4 week deal for the off season folks.

You get lactate threshold testing and 4 weeks of coaching for $200. For the triathlete knowing your lactate threshold is paramount. This is the magic number that keeps right on the cusp of the red zone to push the bike yet still be able to run. Coach Rothe can fill you in on all the details.

Check out ROTHE TRAINING HERE for more details.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Ironman Florida...and other things

Well this past weekend was Ironman Florida so first off congrats to the austinites that finished. I heard it was a choppy swim and a windy bike this year. So way to go everyone!
Austin Pro Brandon Marsh came in 9th overall in 8:42. (far right) and some of us had sushi tonight at Silhouette (monday night is happy hour sushi)

I can't help but notice that the times are getting faster of the years. If you won an Ironman 10 years ago it might be tough to even get a Kona spot nowadays. So I wonder why.

Several reason are obvious:

1. More people are getting into the sport so the pool is deeper
2. Payouts are better...slightly
3. Equipment or nutrition has improved
4. Popularity of the sport is booming

If you have a reason leave it in the comment box please.

Here are some past results of the overall male and the 10th place male.

2004 -2009

Winner's time:

8:37:58 (Austinite Jamie Cleveland and owner of Hill Country Running in 2000)
8:31:07 (2004)
8:07:59 (overall fast year)

10th Place time:

8:35:39 (overall fast year)

As you can see the times are definately dropping. We even had a 23 year old win Florida this year AND it was his first Ironman. So everyone better get out there and train more.

Anyways on a completely different note did you hear about the new pro rules. To be a pro you have to pay $750 a year, but get free entry into M-dot races. The $750 goes toward drug testing which is non existant in todays races. Read more about the rule change HERE


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ever think to yourself. "Whats the coolest duathlon just outside of San Antonio?" Well the answer is....



TriSoler Racing and Soler's Sports presents the 4th annual HelofaDu Duathlon on December 12, 2009. There will be 6 overall awards and 30 age group awards over $2,500 in prizes!

Location: Soler's Tri Sports at 14405 Old Bandera Road, Helotes, TX 78023
Start time: 9a.m.
Fees: $45 individual/ $75 two person relay

Age groups include:
19 and under, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60 and up
Relay awards to Overall Relay, Male Relay, Female Relay, Co-ed Relay