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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Seguin Blue Norther Duathlon

This is it people,. The time is drawing nearer. The Seguin Blue Norther is March 14th and the competition is heating up. If you are not familiar the race its a flat and fast course that always brings out a great crowd. Live music and good food is found at the awards ceremony along with the chance to win some raffle goodies.

Dancin' Don Ruthven has even made the claim that none or maybe just a few can possibly beat him on the bike. He is willing to put up a $15 gift certificate to anyone that beats his bike split. It looks like I will be getting a gift certificate.

If you are looking for that fun season kickoff race then check this one out.

WEBSITE: Blue Norther Duathlon

We also have a inter-store challenge on who will be the ATC victor. You can vote on the poll down below. All listed are contenders.

Who will win the ATC Seguin Blue Norther Duathlon Championship????

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tri Team Transport

United and Delta Airlines are charging $175 EACH WAY to bring a bike on board. The cost of traveling to races is increasing and things are starting to get bleak....THAT was until TRI TEAM TRANSPORT came to the rescue (insert superman theme). This great Austin based business will take all the fret and worry of traveling with your loved one (the bike).

Tri Team Transport provides Texas triathletes with secure, cost effective, convenient, and time-crucial transportation service for their bicycles and race gear to destination events within the United States.

They will professionally transport your bicycle and race gear in our secure custom team bike trailer, aiding you in a worry-free and excess luggage-free trip. Your concern should be getting you and your family to the event and let us handle the bike.

Just drop off your bicycle, fully assembled, and exactly the way you would like to have it on race day. We are triathletes ourselves and understand the importance of having your bike set up exactly the way you have trained on it for your big race.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chiropractic Goodness

Yesterday I went to visit a local doctor for some neck and back pain. During some extreme discomfort I saw Dr. Ross Bomben at Performance Health Austin Chiropractic on facebook and said what the hell that is what I need. I need to quit being lazy and get fixed. I deserve to be pain free!
Not having any idea what Dr. Bomben was about I made my appointment and met up with him and his staff. I have been to other chiropractors in the past and felt it worked but it was so-so in the long run. What I really liked about Dr. Bomben was that he was an athlete that understood injuries and wasn’t a doctor that said a big word and added –itis to the end and told you to just stop working out. He asked me lots of questions about what was happening and went over what might be causing the problem. In the end he gave me several good exercises to FIX the problem not just relieve the pain temporarily.
He did the traditional chiro bone cracking and massage and left me feeling GREAT the rest of the day. The rest is really up to me to do what he told me and fix the problem at hand…I wish there was just a magic pill.
In the end I felt he wasn’t trying to sell me appointments but was actually trying to fix me as quick and as cost effectively as possible. So hats off to Dr. Bomben. If you have any problems I would highly recommend checking out his staff.



Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cronometro TT

So you have been putting in the winter training on the bike and spring is what do you do? You do the Cronometro TT and hammer all the lazy winter folks. This is a great early TT, not too long, not too short. PLUS you get to roll down a fancy ramp just like in the tour de france. This is awesome.

The Cronometro

A 18.9km Time Trial at
the J. Lorraine Ghost Town (Manor, TX)

March 13, 2010


12 Miles on a Challenging, Low Traffic Course (All Right Hand Turns) w/ traffic control

Super Cool Start House with ramp and fencing!

Raffle for Gift Certificates and/or Merchandise (Must be present to win.)

Special award to Fastest Male & Female

Professional Announcer

Great Music

Food and Beverages available!

First 100 registered receive a FREE “Ghost Burger”!!!

Free T-Shirts to the first 150 registered

Lots of Ghost Town Fun at the post event Party and Awards Ceremony!!!

Riders can race multiple categories at no additional cost (i.e., Age Group and then Single Speed, etc.)

*Contact Name: Paul Duva
*Contact Phone: 512.750.4633
Contact Email: