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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tri Team Transport

United and Delta Airlines are charging $175 EACH WAY to bring a bike on board. The cost of traveling to races is increasing and things are starting to get bleak....THAT was until TRI TEAM TRANSPORT came to the rescue (insert superman theme). This great Austin based business will take all the fret and worry of traveling with your loved one (the bike).

Tri Team Transport provides Texas triathletes with secure, cost effective, convenient, and time-crucial transportation service for their bicycles and race gear to destination events within the United States.

They will professionally transport your bicycle and race gear in our secure custom team bike trailer, aiding you in a worry-free and excess luggage-free trip. Your concern should be getting you and your family to the event and let us handle the bike.

Just drop off your bicycle, fully assembled, and exactly the way you would like to have it on race day. We are triathletes ourselves and understand the importance of having your bike set up exactly the way you have trained on it for your big race.


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