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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chiropractic Goodness

Yesterday I went to visit a local doctor for some neck and back pain. During some extreme discomfort I saw Dr. Ross Bomben at Performance Health Austin Chiropractic on facebook and said what the hell that is what I need. I need to quit being lazy and get fixed. I deserve to be pain free!
Not having any idea what Dr. Bomben was about I made my appointment and met up with him and his staff. I have been to other chiropractors in the past and felt it worked but it was so-so in the long run. What I really liked about Dr. Bomben was that he was an athlete that understood injuries and wasn’t a doctor that said a big word and added –itis to the end and told you to just stop working out. He asked me lots of questions about what was happening and went over what might be causing the problem. In the end he gave me several good exercises to FIX the problem not just relieve the pain temporarily.
He did the traditional chiro bone cracking and massage and left me feeling GREAT the rest of the day. The rest is really up to me to do what he told me and fix the problem at hand…I wish there was just a magic pill.
In the end I felt he wasn’t trying to sell me appointments but was actually trying to fix me as quick and as cost effectively as possible. So hats off to Dr. Bomben. If you have any problems I would highly recommend checking out his staff.



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