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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Burnet Tri and Rocket Skins

This sunday a group of us went out to the Burnet Triathlon. We did alright...results. George Schmitz took the overall win, Don Ruthven won the 46-49 (5th overall), I took the 25-29 win (7th overall), and Paul Pederson took 40-45 (9th overall). All in all we had 5 out of the top 10 people wearing the Austin Tri-Cyclist Jersey. Don and I wore the Rocket Science Rocket Skins for the swim. Let me tell you that those things are AWESOME. I know they dont claim to have bouyancy, but I sure as hell felt bouyant. I will admit I was a bit skeptical of the claimed 10 second gain per 100m, but after using one I am a skeptic no more. If you want to swim faster go get a swim skin.
On to the bike. I felt weak on the bike, but managed to keep it together. The course was an out and back with the first and therfor last 3 miles full of hills. I really need to work on brick workouts. I felt it took forever to get my biking legs to get going.
The run went okay. I felt I was in no mans land and just sort of cruised along. Again I need to start doing bricks. All in all it was a fun race. George and I stayed with our friend Grant at his lake house which was a blast. Thanks Grant.

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