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Monday, November 30, 2009

TOP 10 Athletic Movies

Winter is here and you may need a good movie to keep you occupied while on the trainer. So here is a list of my TOP 10.

10. RAD - a sweet 80's BMX flick...something different but good.9. The Flying Scotsman - A true story of a guy that built his own bike to break the 1 hour world record

8. Zombieland - not really an athletic movie, but it does stress good cardio.

7. Rocky IV - Rocky defeats the communist and ends the cold war...AWESOME

6. Hell of the North - Paris Roubaix...this movie makes you want to ride outside no matter the conditions

5. Fire on the Track - Great running movie with actual footage of Pre

4. Without Limits - Another great Pre movie

3. Breaking Away - The cycling classic movie

2. American Flyers - Its has Kevin Costner as a pro cyclist....

1. Chariots of Fire - you know the song

All suggestions are welcome!



  1. How the hell did Rudy not make the list?

  2. I like Prefontaine. Great movie to watch before any event (not just running). The movie conveys his attitude towards life perfectly-"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the Gift." And it has Jared Leito in it as total eye candy.