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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cervelo P4 Di2 with internal routing

Here is a Cervelo P4 that we installed Di2 on. We routed the cables internal and as one can see there are very little exposed. The front bottle was drilled out to hide the batterie. Gromets were used to give it a cleaner look. So with some bravery, a drill, a little soldering, you can make the fastest frame have the fastest cable routing.


  1. Did you have to drill a hole where the rear derailleur cable exits the frame on its way to the derailleur? Or did you just have to drill holes in the water bottle? If you drilled the frame, were there special precautions required to drill the carbon frame (which I'm assuming would void the Cervelo warranty)?

    It's a very clean setup, though loosing the water bottle, very aero and useful for longer triathlons, might not be as simply putting the battery pack behind the seat post, as some pros have done.

    If you have good frame-buildup skills and tools, have built up a p3 before from scratch, can an amateur mechanic do this cable routing?

  2. In this case the customer did drill the frame (yes it voids warranty). A hole was drilled by the BB and out from the frame by the RD. This project is not for the faint of heart. We had to cut and splice the wires to get them through the frame also.