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Friday, March 28, 2014

For New Women Bike Racers:
Get Started, Get Connected

Bike racing is an intimidating sport. There’s the equipment, the pack riding, the race tactics, the daily mileage. For a beginner starting from scratch, the prospect can be even more daunting. What kind of wheels or tires should you run? What group rides should you try? Where can you register for races? How do category upgrades work? When should you think about joining a team? And then there are the simple questions that you’re almost too embarrassed to ask. What should you wear? How do you pin a number on? What’s a “rookie mark”? 

We need more women racers in the peloton! If you’re interested and looking for a way into the sport, let us help you make the transition. This year ATC Racing has created the Women’s Racing Foundation of Austin, a nonprofit focused on promoting and growing women’s racing in the local community and beyond. Composed of seven competitive riders, our team ranges in age from 22 to 53 and in occupation from bike messengers and chefs to small-business owners and nurses. All of us are relatively new racers, so we know what it’s like to be the new girl. No question is too silly.

The way it works: We’ll pair you up with an individual rider on the team. You can chat via email or phone, meet up for rides and races, or just have that person available to answer questions when needed. We’ll help you get acquainted with other riders and teams, too. (ATC Racing is not taking on new members at this time.)

Email us at to get connected with us and learn more. You can also check us out at our team website,, and on Twitter. Happy riding!  

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