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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Race Around Austin 2016!

FAQ by Christie Tracy, ATC Racing

What is “Race Around Austin 2016” / #RAA2016?

#RAA2016 is a fun-filled field trip/scavenger-hunt style “race” around Austin with four of your closest friends/teammates. Teams of five will depart from Austin Tri-Cyclist and make their way to three highly classified, top-secret check-in points spread throughout Austin before returning to cross the finish line back at ATC. The check-in points will be revealed at packet pickup on Friday, January 22, and team members must work together to determine their team’s route for the next day. The order in which teams stop at the check-in points is 100% up to them, and superior routing skills and an unfailing sense of direction will no doubt be key to the fastest team’s success!

What did people have to say after last year’s inaugural Race Around Austin (#RAA2015)?

“Rolling into ATC at the end was a great feeling, and I remember being struck by how much fun the overall day was. . .. I definitely plan to do this race again in the future. The idea is a really great one—it fosters exploration of the city, and it was very well supported by sponsors.”
- Jack Cartwright, elite triathlete

“Huge thanks to the Ladies of ATC for having such a great event. Although we didn't set any records during our "social" ride today, the Rock & ROL team had a blast. The check-in points were awesome with plenty of food, drink, and smiling faces, and all the teams we saw while out on the road waved, said hello, or at least told us we sucked, which was evident many times today. I have to say that this was one of the most fun days on the bike I have had and everyone on the ROL RACING Team felt the same way. Congrats on a fantastic day. You set the bar pretty much out of reach for others to hit.”

- Charles Bippert, roadie (ROL Wheels Racing Team)

“Thanks so much to all the ATC ladies and the other volunteers for putting on such an amazing event! We had such an amazing time! Everyone was so sweet and helpful. The food was incredible too!”
- Celina Richardson, roadie (River City Market Racing)

How far should my team be prepared to ride?
Well, that depends on your routing skills (see above FAQ!); however, you should be prepared to ride somewhere between 85 and 115 miles, depending on the route that you plan. Yep, you’d better get to logging those miles if you want to be ready for this!!

What can I expect at the check-in points? 
SHENANIGANS. (And paparazzi / cameras / screaming fangirls). Oh yeah – and all check-in points will have ride fuel (pb&j sandwiches, bananas, etc), fresh juice courtesy of JuiceLand Austin, water, and potties. If you’re among the first teams to arrive at a given stop, you may even find extra goodies like baked goods prepared just for you by the ladies of ATC Racing. (Remember last year’s #RAA2015 cake at Allison’s stop? Yeah. #Worthit!)

What will be required of my team at each stop before we can advance to the next one?
If we told you that, we’d have to hang you upside down by your toenails until you begged for mercy! What didn’t you understand about highly-classified-top-secret???

No, but seriously – you should expect the unexpected. You may be required to double-dutch with your teammates, showcase your hip flexibility with hula hoops wearing an orange tutu, or successfully complete a game of hop-scotch on a pogo stick…OOORRRR maybe we’ll take it easy on you and let you off the hook with just a selfie with the lovely volunteers as proof that your team checked in. . . guess you’ll have to wait and see! (In the meantime – maybe brush up on your jump-roping, hip swinging, pogo stick skillzzz?)

What will the prize pot be for the fastest teams? 
Since this is officially a “Gran Fondo” (no USAC license is required to participate), we aren’t allowed to award prizes to the “winners” outside of the obvious social media fame that goes hand-in-hand with winning the Epic Adventure that is #RAA2016. Just ask Paul Fafard, or any of the members of last year’s #RAA2015 fastest team “Team Cycle Progression 2”…they’re STILL fighting off the paparazzi!

That said, though, the first 15 teams to register will receive a highly coveted, limited edition #RAA2016 mason jar from which they can enjoy post-race adult beverages or flouncy summer-time cocktails with umbrellas… HURRY! As of the time of publication, 14 teams have already registered!!

Castelli AND Cervelo have also come through with some AWESOME swag that we’ll be awarding for random achievements through the day (think along the lines of things like Best Selfie with an ATC Team Member…Most Creative Team Name…Best Double-Dutch Performance of the day…LOL – we kid…or DO we???)

What will the finish line festivities include?
MORE SHENANIGANS! Adult beverages. And food. Lots of delicious food! Last year, we served jambalaya, peach cobbler, cornbread, beer from Independence Brewery, and cider from Austin Eastciders, and ALL were a huge hit. We’re still working out the menu for this year, but we’ve confirmed that Independence Brewery and Austin Eastciders will be donating adult beverages for your post-ride re-hydration needs. We’re talking with several other food and beverage vendors, so keep an eye on the Race Around Austin 2016 #RAA2016 Facebook Page for announcements of finalized race-day finish line food and beverages.

Michelle Hittner from Austin Massage Company will also be returning this year and will be set up at the finish at ATC to help start your recovery off right!

So, where do I sign up, and how much is this fun-filled day of awesomeness going to cost me?

USAC Registration Link

**ONLY ONE PERSON (Team Captain) from each team needs to register. After registering a team, please email with your roster of five and #RAA2016 team name. Team names can be creative and do not have to match your USAC team name.

Early registration through January 16 is $90/team ($18/person), and the price increases to $110/team ($22/person) on January 17. If you’re able to register early, we’d REALLY appreciate it, as it will give us a better idea of how much food and supplies we’ll need at the check-in points and finish line.

Need more incentive to register early? This year, teams which register by January 15 will get to choose their own starting time slot (from available slots) in the order of registration. Team captains who have registered a team by the 15th will be contacted on January 16 in the order of registration by an ATC Team Member for starting time slot selection.

Start times for all teams that register after January 15 will be assigned by and at the mercy of the Ladies of ATC Racing (Bwahahaha [Insert evil laugh here…] )

I’d like to participate, but don’t have a team – what can I do?

Post a note to our Facebook Page letting others know that you’re looking for a team!

I have a partial team, but we’re short a rider (or two) – can we still race?

All teams must be made up of five people, but we’re encouraging solo riders to post to our Facebook page, so check there often for solo riders looking for a team in order to fill up your roster.

How do the ladies of ATC Racing plan to pull off such an EPIC event for the second year in a row??

We absolutely could not even begin to put on an event of this scale without the help and support of our sponsors and local businesses who graciously pitch in product and services in support of the local cycling community.

We need to send a HUGE “Thank You” out to the following businesses for their sponsorship and support of this year’s event. Please feel free show your thanks as well, by patronizing their businesses in the upcoming year!

Local Companies that are donating goods/services for Race Around Austin 2016 (More to come!):
Independence Brewing Company
Austin Eastciders
JuiceLand Austin
Austin Massage Company
Austin Tri-Cyclist
Travis Parks & Recreation

ATC Racing Sponsors whose support help to make this event possible:
Austin Tri-Cyclist
Brad Houston Law
Niece Equipment
Pure Austin Fitness
Greater Texas Federal Credit Union (GTFCU)
Herrera Construction
B&W Truck –Trailer & Machine Shop
Austin Massage Company

And now, a selection of some of RAA's most photogenic participants from 2015: 

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