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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Top Posts & a Goodbye

The ATC Turns 20 post profiles shop employees
and celebrates ATC's 20th year in business.
by Kat Hunter

I've been writing and collecting posts for the Austin Tri-Cyclist blog since December 2010, and it's been a very rewarding experience. A writer is always lucky to find a project like this—one that's flexible and fun, eclectic in scope, and centered on something she's truly interested in and loves. ATC is a fantastic bike shop, and it's been very nice to be part of the extended family.

This year I'm handing "my baby" back over to ATC staff as I start other projects and adventures, not least of which is having a second child this spring. If you'd like to follow me and my work in the future, please check out my writing website and Facebook business page. Eventually you'll find me back on my bike and out on the roads again, too.

In closing, here's our traditional top-posts-of-the-year list for 2015, along with the most-viewed 10 articles of all time (i.e, since 2010). You'll have plenty of cold-weather reading if there's anything you missed.

Happy 2016!

Most read/viewed in 2015:

Austin Cyclists Hit by Drunk Driver  - Marla Briley and Kent Snead had the experience many cyclists fear the most: one early Sunday morning in July, they were hit from behind at top speed by a drunk motorist. This post tells the story Austin news outlets didn't bother to.

One & Done? - "You’re good at a sport? Great. You have the time and the money to do it? Fantastic. Now ask yourself whether you love it, and figure out how to keep loving it. Unless you’re making a very healthy salary being an athlete or winning gold medals, those are the only two things that matter. In some ways the one-and-doner gets more at the heart of amateur athletic competition than the veteran athlete does—participation may be short-lived, but it's always fun."

A Ride for Any Day of the Week - Often bookmarked, our yearly "A Ride for Any Day of the Week" posts are always popular with cyclists. Check out our May 2015 list, but keep in mind the rides are no longer up to date.

Why Women Should Race with the Men - Why are women racing with the men? And why should they be able to? This post answers those questions as they pertain to the Austin cycling scene and beyond.

Living With Latex - Latex tubes aren't for the faint of heart, but they have a lot of advantages. Jack Mott tells all about them and why it's really—no REALLY—important to install latex tubes correctly.

So You Want to Be a Pro? - This March 2015 post covers (at some length) my introduction to the world of pro cycling last season: why I did it, how I got there, and what I found. My race report on the Cascade Cycling Classic describes the season's, and my cycling career's, bittersweet denouement.

Donate Blood Marrow for Amy Cottrill Marsh - This was just an event post from January about the bone marrow donor drive held for pro triathlete Amy Marsh, so you should read the Team Marsh blog instead. Since Amy was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in December 2014, her husband Brandon Marsh has been blogging about the ups and downs of her treatment and recovery in a way that's both brutally honest and inspirational. If anything puts the year in perspective for you, this will.

Race Report, 2015 San Dimas - Another long Kat Hunter race report, but this quote sums it all up: "The San Dimas Stage Race was a vindication for our team. We’d been denied an invitation to one of the big national races this year. The victory was a statement, loud and clear: we have everything it takes to win."

and Pregnancy as an Athlete have received many page views compared to our other posts throughout the year. Many thanks for reading and sharing on social media!

Most read/viewed in the blog's history: 

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