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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kona: Pre-Race

I handed out some of the Austin Tri-Cyclist limited edition cervelo shirts out at bike check in. Here is Fletch, a Cervelo rep, sporting one. Cervelo had a good day with 415 bikes in the Triathlete Magazine bike count. I ran out of shirts in about 45 minutes. Apparently a lot of people dig Cervelo and free shirts.

I then went to hang out with super cool wetsuit guru, Glynn Turquand, from Xterra. Here is a photo of the new Xterra speedsuit....coming soon. Lindsey Corbin is the model in the photo (she got 5th on saturday). I will also mention that Xterra speedsuits were on the top of their game.

For the second year in a row, the XTERRA WETSUITS – Velocity Speedsuit posted the fastest swim time of the day at the Ironman World Championships. In 2007, Mark Van Akkeren posted the fastest swim split with a time of 49:50. This year, Noa Sakamoto posted the fastest swim split with a time of 47:01 wearing a new version of the XTERRA WETSUITS- Velocity Speedsuit. John Flanagan, (also wearing a XTERRA WETSUITS- Velocity Speedsuit) was only 1 second behind Noa posting a time of 47:02. The XTERRA WETSUITS- Velocity Speedsuit was victorious by more than one minute and 30 seconds faster than the next swimmer Andy Potts.

I just thought this was a funny sign. There is no way that guy is going to outrun that wave.....I hope he is wearing an Xterra Speedsuit.

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