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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kona: Race Day

Here is a video of the swim start. Total chaotic fun.

Grant and I got up around 4am to have breakfast and prepare for race day. Even from a spectator's view one can just feel the excitement in the air as all the athletes get ready for the cannon to fire. I have raced an ironman before, but Kona has a different feel. Perhaps its the international athletes, the celebrity status pros, or the rythmic beating of drums in the background that make this race so different. It was an amazing sight.

Grant was all smiles before the race.

Norman Stadler. This was about mile 6 on the run. He was doing well and in the the end it didnt work out for him. Next year Norman!

Here is Faris rocking the speedo.

Chrissie was all smiles after totally dominating. She got a flat and still was first off the bike. I see a lot wins in her future.

Grant was not all smiles during the run. He had an overall fun time at the race, but hit some problems at the run. I will let you read his blog of the race to get the nitty gritty. You are my hero Grant for sticking to it.

The finish was a much better feeling than the run. Congrats Grant!

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