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Friday, January 17, 2014

Velo View Bike Tours:
Personal Instruction, Hill Country Rides & Mountain Biking

by Shannon Burke

When people hear the term “personal training” they typically think of heart rate zones and interval plans – intense workouts meant to make you go faster and farther. But when a relatively new cyclist asks for personal training, that’s not really what they need. Before they start fine-tuning their fitness, they need to have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of riding a bike – posture, pedaling, shifting, group riding and other basics that most experienced cyclists take for granted.

While there are plenty of options for finding a personal trainer in Austin (and on-line for that matter), there aren’t a whole lot of resources for basic skills instruction. That’s why Velo View Bike Tours is now offering one-on-one personal instruction for those cyclists looking for personalized attention to help them ride more efficiently, comfortably and safely. Each session is customized to the needs of the individual cyclist, whether it’s learning climbing technique, group ride etiquette or just the basics of shifting. Instruction can be in a protected parking lot or on the open road, and can be one short session or a series of rides. There’s no strict structure, allowing for personalized instruction no matter the skill level of the cyclist.

Velo View also offers cyclists the opportunity to escape the city traffic and ride in the hill country with guided rides on some of the best backroads just outside of town. As with the personal instruction, these rides can be customized in a variety of ways, from short half-day rides to full-day field trips to three-day weekend retreats. Regardless of the distance, the goal is to give Austin cyclists the chance to enjoy a different kind of riding experience, most of which is just a short drive west of town.

And the opportunity for personal instruction and out-of-town rides is not limited to just road riding. Velo View now offers guided mountain bike rides and coaching. Austin and Central Texas have a surprisingly wide of range of trail options and Velo View’s guides know every inch of them, allowing them to provide a customized experience with an emphasis on the joy of riding in the dirt!

For more information on local services offered by Velo View Bike Tours, including interactive maps of popular Austin bike routes, check out their website at:

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