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Monday, October 27, 2008

I am Broke

I know that when you read the following story you are going to think that this guy is an idiot...but this is how it went down. I was talking to a friend about the tale and he made a comment on how when someone is hurt and they focus on one thing and dont want help from "strangers" because they are hurt and lack trust. I normally would think could be true but thats exactly what happened to me. Whats kinda of funny is I had a cell phone in my pocket the whole time and never considered using it for help. I had one mission on my mind and that was to get home. Home=Safe
The Story
So I was biking home in a not so safe area of austin late at night, around midnight. Then all I remember is being really confused and resting against a wall. My arm hurts like hell and there is a lot of blood on my face. I get up and grab my bike, which is broken. I have no recolection of what happened and my bike is broken. I walk with the bike a ways just kinda walking down some train tracks towards home. I am not sure how far the walk was (anywhere from 2-4 miles) because I kept passing out, going into shock, then waking up and trucking along. Determined to make it home. I eventually ditch the bike, it wasnt rolling very well and I couldnt use one arm, and continue to walk home. I finally reach home at around 5:30am. I wash my face off (still dripping blood) and lay down on my bed. I wake up in a pool of sweat at around 8:00am and look in the mirror. Not a pretty sight looking back at me. I grab a phone and call a friend to take me to the ER. I get to the ER and am saved. On a dside not the people at Seaton Hospital and Brakenridge ER are very nice people. I had surgery on friday to fix my broken clavicle. They put a metal plate and screws in my clavicle and lined her up nicely. Called an open reduction and internal fixation. I probably have a few cracks in my facial bones too, but oh well. I got some stitches in my head. Anyways thats the short of it. What a night...wish I had medical insurance. :)
LESSON LEARNED. Sorry it had to be the hard way.
Special thanks to Rita, Mom, and Dad for taking care of me, the idiot son.


  1. Yikes! That is ugly.

    I have been lucky, but I fear a similar incident. At some point, you just live with the risk, enjoy every ride, and hope it doesn't ever go down like that.

    Get better!

  2. man, this is CRAZY... hope you recover fast

  3. ADAM!!! I am so sorry to hear this! Get well soon..

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